Will Vicent

Energy Codes & Standards | Southern California Edison

Will Vicent, also known as “Will Vi the Building Science Guy”, is dedicated to reimagining our built environment into one that is more inspired, more beautiful and more ecologically intelligent. He has been instrumental in bringing to life verified Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings in both the residential and commercial building sectors. In 2011, he founded a small building science consulting firm called Between Built & Natural Environments to help clients identify, evaluate and install cost-effective sustainable building solutions. In this capacity, he has worked closely with nationally recognized design firms, builders, research entities and utilities. Currently, he is a proud member of Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Energy Codes & Standards team, where he helps to champion Building Electrification and leads ZNE Planning and Coordination activities company-wide. Will has accepted invitations to speak on topics in building science at ASHRAE, USGBC, AEE, IBPSA, the White House and various universities.