About Getting to Zero 365

Join us in defining a new energy and carbon future for the built environment

Carbon emissions from buildings are 39% of the problem. You are 100% of the solution.

Getting to Zero aims to accelerate action by state and local governments and building industry professionals to create a new energy future for the built environment that uses less energy, is carbon neutral, creates job growth and a cleaner economy, and achieves the climate goals in the Paris Agreement.

This is the work of a community of people and organizations that are accelerating and broadening efforts to deliver zero energy and zero carbon buildings at scale, and helps policymakers achieve their climate commitments within the built environment. Efforts cover both residential and commercial sectors for new and existing buildings and engages leading policy makers, designers, building owners, systems manufacturers, and commercial real estate professionals to overcome the remaining barriers to net zero buildings the norm.

Getting to Zero Forum

The Getting to Zero Forum is the premier event dedicated to zero energy and zero carbon buildings. With a growing number of climate emergencies across the United States and around the world, there is no more important time than now for the Getting to Zero Forum. It brings together the world’s leading experts to share best practice approaches to reducing energy demand and decarbonization related to policy, program and projects. It is the only event with a broad cross-section of stakeholders focused on ambitious building efficiency goals and is an ideal venue for organizing both the policy and building communities to achieve zero carbon ambitions.

At the 2021 Forum, participants shared perspectives on the growth of zero energy and zero carbon, learned about best practices for successful projects, and collaborated on opportunities for zero energy and zero carbon to transform the built environment. 2023 Forum dates and location to be announced soon.

365 Education & Resources

The Getting to Zero platform provides ongoing opportunities for knowledge sharing, actionable solutions, and recognition. We bolster market capability to deliver on building decarbonization goals by sparking collaborations, supporting local action, providing education, and curating collections of resources including guides, policy models, studies and technical advice on how to achieve zero energy and carbon neutral goals. Connect in your community with the Local Net Zero list of organizations working across the country, learn about new research and innovations in our webinar series, access guides and tools in the Getting to Zero Resource Hub, and check out the Getting to Zero blog which features news, industry thought leadership, project spotlights, and more.


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