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Leaders Circle design firms have proven their passion, knowledge, and innovation for designing low carbon and zero energy (ZE) buildings–proving their dedication to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the buildings sector. As more people learn about the greater comfort, the energy and cost savings, and the climate benefits of removing carbon from buildings, we are often asked, “Who designs healthier, energy efficient buildings and how can I find them?”. Our answer to this was to showcase the firms leading the way via our Leaders Circle below.

Leaders Circle classification demonstrates capability to deliver on building energy consumption and reduced carbon emissions. Named firms and companies must have a verified project in NBI’s Getting to Zero Buildings Database or have successfully received verification through the CIRRUS™ Low Carbon program. Verification  for the Getting to Zero Buildings Database involves NBI’s independent review of 12-months of energy use and renewable production data confirming an energy use intensity (EUI) of  “0” or less, whereas verification for the CIRRUS™ Low Carbon program involves NBI’s independent review of a building project’s design to make sure carbon reduction measures are at the mandatory minimum of the CIRRUS™ Low Carbon specification.

We commend our charter firms listed below for having the proven skills and experience to make carbon reduction a priority in their buildings. To learn more about how your firm can be recognized in the Leaders Circle, view our factsheet and contact Meghan Humphreys at

The Getting to Zero Leaders Circle is separated into two categories: Zero Energy Leaders and Low Carbon Leaders. Learn more about the firms in each category below:


Zero Energy Leader Firms Low Carbon Leader Firms


Current Zero Energy Leaders Circle Firms:



Current Low Carbon Leaders Circle Firms: