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That's a wrap! Speaker presentation slides for the 2019 Forum can be found on our program pages.

The Getting to Zero Forum is premier global event dedicated to creating a zero energy, zero carbon future for the built environment. The solutions-based 2019 Forum brought together roughly 550 leading policymakers, design professionals, building owners, systems manufacturers, commercial real estate representatives and others working to define a new energy future for the built environment. One year after the Global Climate Action Summit in California, the Forum has been named the official follow-up event for the building industry. Continuing the work of the Global Climate Action Summit, the Forum has a specific focus on scaling energy and zero carbon buildings by developing tangible pathways for building owners, cities, communities, and states to meet their energy and climate goals, boost economic growth, and achieve the goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

NEW BLOG: Approaching Zero Energy: unleash your building's hidden potential

Mark MacCracken, Portfolio Leader of CALMAC® Portfolio at Trane, explains that for building owners and facility managers who are ready to start transforming their building spaces, a building with load flexibility― one that implements distributed energy resources and deploys to the most optimal resource to adapt to changing conditions― can be a significant step in zero energy progression.

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