Getting to Zero Resource Hub

Over 300 resources on zero energy and zero carbon buildings
for the residential and commercial sectors

The Getting to Zero Resource Hub is an open-source collection of over 300 zero energy and zero carbon resources across seven different topic areas: design & development, electrification, embodied carbon, local governments toolkit, codes & policy, residential, and schools.


An increasing number of cities, counties, and states around the US are committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Here we provide a curated list of leading energy goals, policies, and energy stretch codes from states and local jurisdictions, as well as programs that support jurisdictions. Resources include legislation, strategic plans, energy and climate action plans, roadmaps, stretch codes, and more. Learn more


This section includes resources on feasibility studies of zero energy on district, state, and national levels; cost studies which address the challenge of zero energy construction within a budget; means of financing a zero energy project and incentive programs to support this; and technologies which drive zero energy design. Learn more




This section highlights critical research and technologies to move the built environment away from harmful fossil fuels. Tools and guides also offer real-life experiences and case studies that show electrification is necessary, financially beneficial, and achievable. There are resources in making the transition to an electrified world equitable, so everyone can benefit from a healthier world together. Learn more


This section includes embodied carbon and life cycle analysis resources, including methodology and tools, policies and codes, and project case studies, to support low carbon construction materials. Introductory guides explain the basics of calculating carbon throughout the life cycle of a building; calculators and web-tools will highlight material carbon intensities, and other references will suggest how materials should be specified. Learn more


This toolkit is for states and local jurisdictions looking to reduce energy use and carbon emissions in both their own publicly owned commercial buildings and the general community building stock. Cities, counties, state agencies, school districts, and other governing bodies can use this toolkit to lead by example by getting on a path to zero energy and carbon in their own buildings and advocating for policies that impact other buildings. Learn more


These resources are for homeowners, homebuyers, builders, designers, appraisers, and anyone else interested in zero energy (ZE) homes. A ZE home is an energy efficient house that consumes only as much energy as is generated through clean, renewable resources such as solar power. This collection of research studies, tools, and guides shows the technical and financial feasibility of zero energy and offers guidance for implementation. Learn more


This section highlights state policies and national programs working toward zero energy schools; districts pursuing zero energy and the strategies they use to achieve this target; feasibility studies, assessment strategies, and other technical looks at zero energy school design; and case studies of successful zero energy school buildings. Learn more