Next Gen Sponsorship & Mentorship


The Next Gen program is a professional development program for undergraduate students designed to bolster inclusivity in the buildings industry. You can learn more about Next Gen on the program information page.


By supporting the Next Gen program, you can:

  • Help promote diversity in the built environment sector
  • Bolster your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and programs
  • Connect to a potential pipeline of diverse students for your internship and job recruitment efforts
  • Provide structured mentorship opportunities for senior staff
  • Boost student participation in the Getting to Zero Forum, the premier event dedicated to zero energy and zero carbon buildings

You can support a student’s full experience in the program with a $5,000 donation, or support multiple students’ scholarships if your budget allows. If you are interested in sponsoring students or supporting the program more broadly, please contact Meghan Humphreys at

To learn more about the benefits of supporting the program, see the Next Gen Sponsorship Overview below.


Next Gen Sponsorship Overview (pdf)



One of the key elements of the Next Gen program is one-on-one mentorship. Students are paired with an industry leader aligned with their lived experience and professional aspirations. The relationship between student and mentor should be reciprocal, students will benefit from industry expertise, career advice, and networking, while mentors will benefit from the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and cultivate the next generation of climate leadership.

Mentors can anticipate a time commitment of 2-3 hours per month which will include check ins with their mentee, regular check ins with their mentor cohort, training, and participation in student discussion groups. If you have any questions about participating as a mentor, please email



2023-2024 Next Gen Program Supporters and Sponsors