Local Net Zero

Learn more about zero energy and zero carbon buildings through
Local Action Groups, Energy Hubs, and Utility Programs across the country.

Groups all over the country are leading their own getting to zero efforts. They are great resources for those who are looking for ways to engage or simply want to know more about what is happening locally in your area.

Local Net Zero Action Groups

Local Energy and Innovation Hubs

Local Zero Energy Buildings Utility Programs

There are several action groups across the country working on outreach and advocacy to advance a sustainable, zero carbon future. Throughout North America, groups and labs are leading the way in energy innovation. These hubs, as we refer to them, work to support clean and sustainable energy markers. Throughout the country, utilities are working to help encourage zero energy projects in both the residential and commercial sectors.
View the list of local Net Zero Action Groups View the list of local Energy and Innovation Hubs View the list of local Zero Energy Buildings Utility Programs
Are we missing a Local Net Zero group, Energy Hub, or Zero Energy Building Utility Program? Email comms@newbuildings.org to be added to the list.