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Tuning Buildings for Tomorrow’s Electric Grid: Building-side Perspectives on Building-Grid Optimization in California

Informed by more than three years of work by the GridOptimal® Buildings Initiative, this webinar will focus on straightforward steps relevant to both new and existing buildings that will improve building-grid integration. Presenters will cover key market, technology, and policy context, discuss key strategies available in buildings today, including energy efficiency, grid-integrated HVAC controls, thermal mass, and energy storage, and highlight key resources and programs available today. Join us to learn when and how to deploy these and other approaches in a range of specific building types and climates across California. Original broadcast date: May 12, 2022.

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Designing with Communities, not for Communities: Equity in ZNE

Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings have a stigma of being high-cost buildings for the bottomless budget. In fact, ZNE costs are in line with other green buildings. As a benefit, ZNE buildings are higher performing, offering superior comfort, healthier places to work and live, and have lower energy bills. However, it is crucial to consider the communities adjacent to the building and the communities it will serve. Original broadcast date: 11/18/2021.

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Rethinking Efficiency in Multifamily Water Heating

Water heating can account for one-third of a multifamily building’s total energy load and over half of a building’s carbon emissions. This webinar will address water heating system design and the technologies necessary to lower energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. Original broadcast date: 11/11/2021.

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An Insider’s Guide to Talking about Carbon Neutral Buildings

The building sector is shifting from decades of regulation and programmatic oriented on energy efficiency (kWh and therms) to governmental plans centered on carbon and greenhouse gas emission reductions (CO2e). While energy and carbon metrics are related, they are not the same. As we transition from discussing energy to include carbon, we need to understand what it means to build a carbon neutral building. This webinar will help align the market around what it means to design, construct, and operate carbon neutral buildings. Original broadcast date: 9/23/21.

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Getting to Zero: Buildings Case Study Jam

Prime examples of net zero buildings are found across the country and total over 700 verified and emerging projects, according to NBI tracking. This webinar features some of the best buildings to date with a Case Study Jam format that allows in-depth sharing. Watch presenters as they take you on a tour of innovative technical solutions, strategies for successful stakeholder engagement, and more in their quest to achieve zero. Original broadcast date: 3/25/2021.

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Getting to Zero: Carbon Neutral Codes

U.S. building energy codes have long centered on kilowatt-hour savings in buildings. Urgency on climate change is pressing us to rapidly address and mitigate carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment, which is responsible for 39% of operational and embodied carbon. Watch this one-hour webinar on the opportunities for states and cities to leverage their energy codes in order to maximize carbon reductions and minimize costs. Original broadcast date: 1/28/2021.

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Getting to Zero in Affordable Multifamily Buildings

Low-income communities are most at risk of being left behind as local jurisdictions pursue ambitious carbon reduction goals. Presenters from The Community Preservation Corporation and Association for Energy Affordability will share challenges, lessons learned, and actual cost data from successful zero energy affordable multifamily projects. Original broadcast date: 12/3/2020.

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Decarbonization Technologies: What We Have, What We Need

Take stock of the current state of the building technologies needed to drive decarbonization at scale. In this webinar, moderated by Clay Nesler, a report is provided on Johnson Controls’ recent Energy Efficiency Indicator Survey. Presenters share developments in heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, induction cooking, renewable energy, and energy storage systems. Original broadcast date: 10/29/2020.

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The Getting to Zero Market Landscape and 2020 Buildings List

NBI’s Alexi Miller and Kevin Carbonnier share the status of the zero energy market in North America, including a tech review and the relationship between zero energy and zero carbon. The session also features leaders from the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, firms Perkins+Eastman and VMDO, and ASHRAE. Original broadcast date: 9/24/2020.

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Codes and Policies to Advance Zero Goals

Presenters from New York State, Metro Boston and Denver provide a snapshot of approaches that are being taken in their jurisdictions across North America to achieve energy and carbon goals by leveraging voluntary programs, mandatory and stretch codes, and other local government tools to drive change. Original broadcast date: 6/18/2020.

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