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The Getting to Zero Market Landscape and 2020 Buildings List

NBI’s Alexi Miller and Kevin Carbonnier share the status of the zero energy market in North America, including a technology review and the relationship between zero energy and zero carbon. The session also features leaders from the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, and firms Perkins+Eastman and VMDO, along with ASHRAE.

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Codes and Policies to Advance Zero Goals

Presenters from New York State, Metro Boston and Denver provide a snapshot of approaches that are being taken in their jurisdictions across North America to achieve energy and carbon goals by leveraging voluntary programs, mandatory and stretch codes, and other local government tools to drive change.

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A Deeper Dive into Zero Net Carbon Schools

Intended for K-12 & community college administrators, operations managers, school board members, and others, this training goes in depth on ZNC school retrofit strategies, lessons learned, and resources in designing, constructing, retrofitting, and operating school facilities on the path to zero.

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A Call to Action for Zero Embodied Carbon

This session will present a theory of change with case studies that aim to be zero embodied carbon discussing the feasibility of building density goals on embodied and operating carbon and explain the role that building reuse plays in achieving a zero carbon future.

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Zero Energy Homes Show Continuing Strong Growth

Team Zero has concluded its fourth annual inventory of housing in the U.S. and Canada on the path to zero energy operations. Learn about both dramatic changes from prior years and some findings consistent with earlier inventories.

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Getting to Zero Buildings Count and Trends for 2019

Targets for zero energy/carbon outcomes are growing exponentially. NBI has been tracking the zero energy building sector for nearly a decade and just released the Getting to Zero Buildings Database, an online tool allowing users to access the most current data.

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Tools for Getting to Zero Energy in School New Construction

Zero energy schools are indeed possible and don’t have to come with a premium price tag! Watch this one-hour webinar focusing on new design guidance that helps school projects cost effectively achieve advanced levels of energy savings.

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Zero Carbon/Energy Codes: Key Policy Tools

As governments of all scales consider options for meeting deep greenhouse gas reduction goals, attention has turned to how to achieve zero energy or zero emissions from new construction in the building sector.

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Nothing Beats Zero: Updates on Trends and Projects

Zero energy (ZE) buildings are a tiny part of the market but their growth trend is steep and practitioners and policies are accelerating their adoption. Watch this webinar to learn the latest about trends in size, types, and locations of ZE commercial buildings.

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