Vedran Skopac

Architect | Manasc Isaac Architects

Vedran believes in distinct, diverse and dynamic architecture – the three sacred D’s of design. His idea of ‘Emotionally Sustainable Architecture’ is focused on building socially sensible communities conducive to thrive of human spirit.

Vedran is an international architect who joined ‘njiric+njiric’ group (see El Croquis No. 114[II]), and delivered work that is best captured in prestigious monographs and publications such as 2G, MARK, and DOMUS.

Currently living in Edmonton and being part of the Manasc Isaac Architects group, Drawing Room artists group, and volunteering in NGO’s that sponsor and settle Syrian Refugees; he is actively building sustainable and contemporary communities.

Eager to learn and share knowledge Vedran is helping teach in four Canadian schools for architecture and design (UofT John H. Daniels in Toronto, UofC EVDS in Calgary, RAIC Syllabus in Edmonton, and UofA Art&Design in Edmonton).

Notable projects include The Mosaic Centre in Edmonton – the first commercial NetZero building in cold climate; and The City of Justice in Zagreb – a USD$300 mio winning competition proposal Vedran and two of of his friends delivered to help Government of Croatia fight corruption in judicial system.