Teron McGrew

CEO | McGrew & Associates

Teron McGrew, M.S., PhD, Candidate, commitment to serve her community is stimulated by her background. She is a native of Oakland, California. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Behavioral Science (1989) and a Master of Science (1991) in Urban and Community Development from University of California Davis. She is a Ph.D. Candidate in Urban Planning from the University of California Los Angeles. She holds a professional certificate in construction and sustainability management from the University of California Berkeley (UCB) Extension Program (2018). Born into a family of real estate developer, and educators, Teron McGrew, is the CEO of McGrew & Associates, a regenerative housing and community development company, with a focus on climate justice and climate adaptation. Ms. McGrew trained with Founder and Chairman, former United States Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore. She has mentored over 90 mentees into Climate Reality Leaders, in the critical approach to the climate emergency, and the need to bring frontline communities to the forefront of the environmental justice and climate change crisis movement. As former creator and Climate Justice Co-Chair for the Climate Reality Bay Area(CRBA) Chapter, she led the Climate Justice Salon Series and currently serves as the first African-American CRBA Chapter Co-Chair. Ms. McGrew’s accomplishments in humanitarian leadership are demonstrated in her current community engagement work at the West Oakland Environmental Indicator Project (WOEIP). She is currently in the inaugural 2021-2023 Ripe for Creative Disruption EJ Fellowship at the Tishman Environmental and Design Center at the New School, New York, New York. She joins a cohort of 6 groups and 21 leaders from across Turtle Island to include Indigenous Territories, as well as the Territories and Nations of Puerto Rico and Guam. The groups are working on a variety of Just Transition, Energy Democracy, Environmental Health and Climate Justice problems.