Steve Kemp

Principal, Senior Energy & Sustainability Specialist

Steve Kemp is a building science engineer specializing in energy modelling and design, and sustainability. His work experience includes a wide range of projects including green building design facilitation, renewable energy technology studies and energy research. With nearly 20 years of building science experience, Steve’s expertise in sustainable buildings and LEED consulting is an asset to the RDH team. Skilled in numerous energy technologies including geothermal energy, smart lighting control, solar power generation, solar hot water, heat recovery and thermal storage, Steve is renowned as one of Canada’s top energy efficiency technology experts. Steve leads RDH’s Energy and Sustainability team in Ontario, eastern Canada and the United States. His role involves providing strategic advice for early stage services and participating in design charrettes. Additionally, he leads investigations of energy and mechanical performance in existing buildings, and whole building energy efficiency modelling and simulation for new and existing buildings.