Sam Culpepper

Program Manager, Design Consulting | Southface Institute

Sam Culpepper is a registered architect, with extensive experience in commercial architecture and high-performance design and construction. After a 12-year career in mixed-use and hospitality architecture, Sam came to Southface Institute to lead the Design Consulting team, providing design assist and consulting services to design teams, owners, and operators to help define their sustainability goals, design for those goals, and achieve them through an integrative process of design and construction. Sam and the Design Consulting team work across the building lifecycle, supporting interventions from conceptual design energy modeling and carbon assessments, through design development and into construction with cost/value energy assessments and envelope assembly analysis, through air-sealing and insulation inspections, as well as commercial blower door testing and leak tracing. With building science as the foundation of their approach, Sam and the Southface team support the delivery of healthy, high-performance, and resilient buildings.