Ryan Shea

Manager, Home Decarbonization | RMI

Ryan is a manager in the Carbon-Free Buildings team, where he works to accelerate affordable home decarbonization. He focuses on developing tools and resources for program implementers, contractors, and residents to leverage when solarizing, electrifying, and weatherizing homes. Ryan has experience with techno-economic analyses for holistic decarbonization of island settings, universities, houses of worship, and individual residences through large and small-scale renewable energy, building electrification and efficiency, and transportation electrification.

Prior to RMI, he received a Fulbright scholarship to research cost-effective pathways for Mauritius to achieve its short-term renewable energy goals, completed his graduate research on cost-effective pathways to fully electrify and renewable power university buildings and transportation systems, and with Interfaith Power & Light provided roadmaps to 10 Bay Area houses of worship to cost-effectively reach carbon neutrality.