Rob Hosken

Principal | Building Performance Architecture

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Rob Hosken, AIA, C.E.M. is widely known for verification and financing of high-performance buildings in Western Pennsylvania. Through his dual roles as an architect (now Principal of Building Performance Architecture) and Board Member of the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund, Rob has played roles in delivering one of the world’s first LEED-certified office buildings, the first Passive House PHIUS+ certified apartment building in the U.S., two of the world’s first Living Building Challenge certified buildings, and many other high-performance buildings. With technical expertise and multiple credentials in building envelope commissioning, passive building verification (envelope and MEP systems), and existing building energy auditing, Rob focuses on improving existing buildings, quality assurance during the design process, and quality control during construction. Rob serves on the board of directors of Passive House Western Pennsylvania, and is a member of AIA Pittsburgh’s Committee on the Environment.