Porus Antia

Senior Associate | Stantec

Porus is a building simulation manager. He brings a thorough understanding of energy and thermal systems, which designers can use to quantify energy savings and to understand how building systems interact with the environment and each other. His work includes both computer modeling and the study of site-specific performance of natural ventilation, thermal mass, radiant heating and cooling, daylighting, solar building response, geothermal, and photovoltaics systems. He has been extensively involved in the design of some of the largest Net Zero energy projects.

A LEED Accredited Professional, ASHRAE member and Building Energy Modeling Professional, Porus has co-authored a number of papers on the impact of the urban heat island, energy modeling, and net zero energy design. He singles out Ray Anderson as a professional hero. The founder and CEO of a large manufacturing company, Anderson created Mission Zero, moving his company toward carbon neutrality and becoming fully sustainable.