Peter Turnbull

Principal, IDSM & Zero Net Energy Buildings | Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Peter Turnbull, Principal at Pacific Gas and Electric Company, has held positions promoting energy efficiency in buildings and industry since joining the company in 1981. Since 2009, he has led PG&E’s Zero Net Energy program efforts providing technical support, research, training, outreach and performance documentation in support of the State of California’s ZNE policy goals for commercial and residential buildings. Earlier in his career, he gained extensive experience managing energy efficiency rebate programs. Peter has also managed emerging technologies and codes and standards work, especially in areas such as cool roofing, daylighting, thermal energy storage and commercial food service. He is a frequent speaker at industry events sponsored by organizations including ACEEE, ASHRAE, AESP, NBI, USGBC and others. Mr. Turnbull holds B.A and M.A degrees in English, and a B.S. in Civil Engineering.