Peter Turnbull

Owner and Principal Consultant | Peter Turnbull and Associates LLC

Before starting his own firm in 2019, Peter Turnbull worked at Pacific Gas and Electric Company for 38 years, focused entirely on energy efficiency and demand-side management with customers. From 2010 through 2019, he led PG&E’s customer-facing Zero Net Energy (ZNE) work. Notable achievements include:
• Production and oversight of a three-volume set of Zero Net Energy Case Study Buildings

• Leadership and management of Architecture at Zero, an annual architectural design competition

• Design, management and implementation of the Proposition 39 Zero Net Energy Program for K-14 public schools in California

• Design, management and implementation of the Production Builder Pilot, a program which assisted homes built by national and regional production home builders to reach ZNE in a production environment.

• Over the ten years of ZNE work, Peter organized guided numerous symposia, conference presentations, technology evaluations and white papers examining a wide range of ZNE issues at customer sites and at the grid edge

Peter has had extensive experience working with emerging technologies, codes and standards work, analytic tool development, market research and training materials, especially in the areas of ZNE, daylighting, cool roofing and commercial food service technologies and practices.