Pawan Mulchandani

Innovation Technology Sustainability (ITS) Manager, Americas | Siemens

Pawan’s technical expertise encompasses energy simulations, HVAC systems design, and LEED facilitation, with a particular focus on developing smart buildings that prioritize indoor air quality and lifecycle cost analysis. He is also a strong advocate for the circular economy and resource efficiency, integrating these concepts into Siemens’ real estate strategies.

His leadership style combines a deep understanding of emotional control and creative problem-solving, with a consistent focus on stakeholder engagement and team development. Under his leadership, the team has achieved significant milestones, including the development of global energy and carbon reporting tool for Siemens.

Looking ahead, Pawan is committed to furthering the use of AI and innovative technologies in sustainable building practices. His forward-thinking approach aims to enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and drive the real estate industry towards more sustainable and economically viable solutions.

As a thought leader in corporate real estate management, Pawan Mulchandani continues to influence the industry, promoting sustainable development and demonstrating the vital role of technology in achieving environmental goals.