Narada Golden

US Director of Built Ecology, Vice President | WSP

Narada Golden is a Vice President at WSP and the National Built Ecology Practice Leader with 21 years of experience in design and construction projects. Narada specializes in sustainability strategy, high-performance buildings, advanced performance analysis, life-cycle financial modeling, and integrative project delivery. He has worked across the US and around the world on a wide range of projects including offices, schools, higher education, healthcare and labs, government, residential, museums, retail, manufacturing, and campus master plans.

Narada speaks frequently on sustainability, integrative design, and high-performance buildings, and teaches a course at Columbia University on the future of green building and sustainability. He also leads sustainability-focused trainings for corporate, government and educational clients and facilitates goal-setting workshops to develop alignment and strategies to achieve ambitious sustainability goals including net-zero energy and carbon buildings, healthy indoor environments, smart buildings, and occupant engagement. Narada is also trained in the Natural Step and is a trainer and presenter for the Northwest Earth Institute.