Mike Hess

Vice President, Smart & Sustainable Buildings | Panasonic

Mike Hess, PE, LEED Fellow, is a licensed mechanical engineer. He leads Panasonic’s Smart & Sustainable Buildings team, and also supports their CityNOW initiatives for smart and sustainable cities. He has worked on more than 100 LEED certified projects, including net zero energy and water experience.

Mike has expertise in sustainability and LEED consulting, energy modeling, commissioning, water re-use, renewable energy, micro-grids, energy storage, and intelligent control systems. He has also developed codes and incentives for municipalities, and corporate standards for private organizations, to help define their sustainability and energy initiatives.

Mike is currently the Chair of the USGBC Florida, which was recently formed by the merger of seven USGBC chapters in the state. He has previously served on the USGBC National Board of Directors. Mike is also currently working on the new headquarters for the Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company in Denver, which is part of the 400 acre Pena Station development. This development will provide a showcase for renewable energy, micro-grids, and smart city technology.