Mike Fowler

Architect | Mithun

Mike Fowler is an Architect at Mithun in Seattle, WA. He has 25+ years of experience on award-winning projects including two net-zero energy designs and over a dozen LEED certified buildings. He has served on two Technical Advisory Groups for the Washington State Building Code Council (Energy Code and Green Building) and has chaired the Codes and Planning Policy Committee for AIA Washington Council. In a 2011-2013 stint away from Architecture, Mike managed the Multifamily New Construction and the Residential New Construction energy efficiency financial incentive programs at Puget Sound Energy. There he created the first whole-building residential measure with an incentive for predicted low-energy-use design and a bonus incentive for actual metered energy use hitting the design target range. Mike has authored and submitted a peer-reviewed outcome-based energy budget code proposal (2012 / 2013 / 2015 versions) to the state of Washington. The proposal sets an energy use budget for eleven occupancy types, establishes a road map to achieve 70% energy use reduction by 2030 compared to a 2003 baseline, requires combined site and building design with the future ability to generate 40% of the energy budget with renewable energy, and sets the stage for high performance buildings to participate in a future state cap and trade or certificate trading program.