Mike Collignon

Executive Director | Green Builder Coalition

Mike Collignon is the Executive Director of the Green Builder® Coalition, an organization he co-founded in 2010. He engages in national and state-level advocacy, publishes a monthly member publication and a monthly feature in Green Builder® Magazine, and is the Chair of the WERS® Development Group. He has presented at the 2016 HPC National Conference, the HPC Regional Conference in Portland (2016), Pacific Coast Builders Conference, EEBA, RESNET, Better Buildings: Better Business (Wisconsin), the Next Generation Water Summit, Green Building Focus, StormCon, AWWA’s ACE 2016, WaterCon, the AWRA’s 2017 Summer Specialty Conference and the Sustainable Disaster Recovery Conference. Mike has also delivered testimony at the IECC and IgCC final action hearings. Finally, he has served as the moderator or host for Green Builder® Media’s Impact Series webinars from 2012–present.