Mariane Jang

Senior Policy Advisor, Resiliency & Sustainability | NYS Office of General Services

Mariane Jang leads the Division of Resiliency & Sustainability team’s work on reducing embodied carbon, and mitigating climate risks to the state’s capital assets. She most recently co-developed two sets of guidelines related to embodied carbon: to track the embodied carbon used in state projects and create a baseline to inform reduction strategies, and to set a framework for procurement of lower embodied carbon concrete on state projects.

Mariane has worked in the field of sustainability, climate resilience and policy for over 18 years. Her experience spans the private, non-profit, academic, think tank, philanthropy, and public sector. She’s worked with a broad range of international organizations, both in the US and abroad, and most recently was part of the founding team at 100 Resilient Cities, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation which seeded Chief Resilience Officers in cities across the world.  She has also authored several papers on climate risk, sustainable transport/transit-oriented development and the green economy.


Mariane holds a Masters in Science in Sociology from the London School of Economics, and Bachelor of Arts in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge.