Laura Nettleton

Architectural Collaborator | Thoughtful Balance

Laura has more than 30 years of experience in development, sustainable design, and community engagement. She has been on the cutting edge of sustainable and low-energy design solutions for the past two decades. Laura is dedicated to the idea that sustainability should be simple, elegant, affordable, and available to everyone. A licensed architect in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and in the State of Ohio, Laura is also a LEED accredited professional. She is actively involved in green initiatives in Pittsburgh, and in spreading the word about Passive House: she founded and developed the PHWPA (Passive House of Western Pennsylvania) and served as its first president.

Laura finds comfort in the idea that cultures can radically change: she first worked in an architectural office where she was the only non-smoker, and she graduated from Johns Hopkins’ second class to admit women. In the built environment, she initiates drastic transformation.