Kevin Kampschroer

Chief Sustainability Officer and Federal Director | GSA

Kevin Kampschroer is the Chief Sustainability Officer and Federal Director, Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings, in the US General Services Administration. He has created the framework for which GSA responds to the challenges of climate change, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s mandate to move GSA’s Federal building inventory toward high-performance green buildings.  He has devised a challenge for companies to dramatically improve the government’s ability to achieve deep retrofits through Energy Savings Performance contracts—which has doubled the amount of energy conservation from these contracts.

Kevin’s team manages the government’s implementation of a comprehensive improvement in the training and certification of facility managers and personnel across the entire Federal government (Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010).  He is GSA’s Senior Climate Adaptation Official, and leads the agency in planning for climate change risks. His goal is to influence and accelerate industry capability and adoption of sustainable principles across all aspects of asset creation, operation, maintenance and disposal. He has worked on developing new energy conservation legislation, in expanding the scope of