Josh Cabot

Senior Associate | SERA Architects

Josh Cabot is an experienced multidisciplinary architect within SERA Architects’ Workplace Studio. With an education in architecture and engineering —coupled with 4 years spent as a construction project manager—Josh addresses the myriad of technical and operational demands on a project, while simultaneously nurturing the creative aspirations that are necessary to create coherent and compelling designs. His passion lies in finding new ways to integrate sustainability features into the broader story of a project, by finding opportunities that weave together human experience, high performance, and deep rootedness to place.  In addition to his work as a project architect and design integrator, Josh serves as a Studio Leader and contributes to SERA’s Sustainability Resources Group (SuRG). When able to fully geek out, you can find Josh researching aspects of all-wood joinery, mass timber construction, and passive climate solutions that simultaneously evoke biophilic responses.