Jonathan Heller

President | Ecotope

Jonathan Heller is the President of Ecotope, Inc. in Seattle, WA. Ecotope is a research and design engineering firm at the cutting edge of building decarbonization, working with designers, manufacturers, and policymakers to identify and deploy carbon-free system strategies. He has focused during the last several years on research and applications of emerging technologies and deep energy retrofits to existing commercial buildings, and on the development and deployment of heat pump water heater technologies in commercial and multifamily buildings. His designs strive to eliminate fossil fuel usage and cut total energy use by more than 50%. Mr. Heller has worked in the field of energy efficiency since 1986 providing research, consulting, and design on energy and resource efficiency in buildings. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. Mr. Heller has been awarded three National ASHRAE Technology Awards for Innovation and Energy Efficiency in Building Design in 2012, 2013, and 2016.