John Neal

Director of Technical Services | Association for Energy Affordability

John is the Director of Technical Services for AEA’s West Coast office. He specializes in working with multiple parties to manage and deliver successful building performance retrofits. At AEA he conducts energy audits, provides green building consulting and rating services, uses simulation software and outside engineering calculations to model building performance, diagnoses and resolves building performance issues, develops retrofit specifications, commissions equipment and systems, and performs quality control and assurance for multifamily and commercial retrofit projects. At AEA as an auditor, and previously as a construction manager, John has been actively involved in the audit, design, management, and hands-on retrofit of over 200 single family, multifamily, and commercial properties, a portion of which were partial or full electrification scopes. Additionally, he contributes to multiple local and national committees which develop multifamily standards, certifications, and technical guidelines.