Jesce Walz

Senior Research Lead | Perkins&Willl

Jesce Walz is a Senior Research Lead at Perkins&Will. Her background includes two decades of experience in the design industry with a focus on regenerative frameworks as well as circular, carbon-storing, and innovative materials. As a key member of Perkins&Will Research, she serves as a principal investigator and strategic leader, developing design guidance, tools, and processes and leading initiatives to improve the climate impacts of projects across the firm’s global portfolio.

 With master’s degrees in both architecture and landscape architecture, Jesce demonstrates a commitment to both academia and the broader community. Beyond her work at Perkins&Will, Jesce contributes as a university lecturer, supports legislative initiatives to reduce carbon, and engages with industry groups such as the American Institute of Architects, International Living Futures Institute, Ecotrust, Vibrant Data Commons, the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories, Climate Smart Wood Group, and Carbon Leadership Forum.