Jen Loomis

Principal Consultant | Opinion Dynamics

Dr. Jen Loomis is a Principal Consultant at Opinion Dynamics, where she has managed several decarbonization studies. Her work spans building types and uncovers the variant dynamics in the residential sector between single-family homes, affordable housing, and multifamily housing. She likes to bring the customer to the forefront of her research to examine how effective messaging can induce certain behaviors or help customers understand benefits of electrification. She has honed her skills collecting primary data from difficult-to-reach populations including equipment manufacturers, contractors, and low-income populations. Jen understands technical limitations of heat pumps and the skills contractors need to sell and install them, as well as the advantages they offer residents in terms of thermal comfort, zoning, and energy savings. She is committed to bringing the benefits of energy efficiency to customers of all backgrounds and deeply values programs that reduce the energy burden among low-income residents.