Eric Doyle

Senior Project Manager | Catalyst Partners

Mr. Doyle’s career has taken many varied paths as he seeks to support the growth of sustainable communities. As a leader within his community, he strives for opportunities to expand his capabilities and strengthen his relationships with the world around him. He has 20 years of combined experience in the commercial office interiors and sustainable design-build construction industry. Eric began work with Steelcase in product development and later transitioned to a role as Sustainability Manager for Workstage, a Design-Build Construction firm affiliated with Steelcase. Beyond his expertise in sustainable building practices, he has a background in technical education and has been engaged in many educational efforts in the continued learning of sustainable design, construction, maintenance and operations.

Mr. Doyle is an advocate and cheerleader for restorative design and construction practices. He acts as a guide to the certification process for LEED and Living Building Challenge projects. His efforts motivate project owners and teams to realize their environmental goals. His team fights global climate change one building and multiple perceptions at a time.