Donovan Gordon

Director of Clean Heating & Cooling | NYSERDA

Donovan Gordon is Director of Clean Heating & Cooling for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). He leads New York State’s efforts to develop markets that support clean heating & cooling systems. He is charged with conceptualizing, driving, and implementing a portfolio of products and solutions to encourage and enable customers to invest in low-carbon clean heating and cooling systems and with advancing New York’s progress toward achieving the nation leading greenhouse gas reduction goals and achieve viable self-sustained markets. Lead the effort in implementing the NYS Clean Heat Market Development Plan, developed to implement educational, workforce training, and marketing / outreach initiatives for scalable growth of clean heating and cooling technologies partnering with public, private, and academic institutions. Donovan received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from St. Francis College and a master’s in business administration from NYU, Stern School of Business.