Christina Sanborn

Senior Decarbonization Specialist | Mazzetti

Healthy communities require healthy environments to thrive. For the last 20 years, I’ve been humbled and honored to help create these environments. Helping clients succeed, particularly helping clients meet their carbon goals, is the best reward. I seek truly meaningful work, which has led to a career devoted to sustainability in Healthcare and Higher Education… which has led me to Mazzetti. I’m a licensed architect, a sustainability and carbon specialist, change agent, process designer, and strategist. At Mazzetti, I will help clients progress their decarbonization journeys — defining where they are today and shaping an actionable plan to set and reach their goals. I have a keen passion for positive leadership, including a personal commitment to supporting equity and inclusion in communities and the workplace. I look forward to contributing my knowledge and expertise both inside Mazzetti and with clients, and continuing to learn, to do better. One of the projects I’m most proud was during my tenure as the inaugural Director of Sustainability at The Cleveland Clinic. Caregivers from across campus came together to start a Farmer’s Market system in partnership with the local Farmer’s Market Association. We wanted to bring healthy, local food to the members of the community and the caregivers on campus. We saw it as a commitment to the foodshed of NE Ohio, reducing the carbon footprint of our food, and ensuring that healthy foods were available to everyone. The initial venture was a steel up-hill battle, but on our first service day, we had over 3000 people come to the market. Six years later, the system had expanded from the initial flagship market to eight others across the clinic’s system. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite things I’ve been a part of!