Axel Lerche

Chief Development Officer | EcoSmart Solution LLC

Axel Lerche is Chief Development Officer of Austin-based EcoSmart Solution LLC (ESS), an energy service company that helps land developers and production builders build better and more sustainable homes. As a subsidiary of global real estate investment firm Taurus Investment Holdings, ESS launched a program for 7,500 net zero capable smart homes in Whisper Valley, a master-planned community in Austin, Texas. Previously Axel owned and managed marketing and energy consulting firms in Germany and Canada. He received recognition and various awards for building Canada’s most efficient home in 2010. Passionate about the business opportunities around sustainability Axel created a network of cutting edge technology and IT companies including Alphabet/Google, Tesla and Bosch. Through ESS, he has developed a scalable development platform for affordable, energy efficient and smart home communities in the US.