Andrea Frisque

Associate and Senior Building Performance Engineer | Stantec

Dr. Andrea Frisque is an Associate and Senior Building Performance Engineer at Stantec. She provides technical direction and leadership in low-energy design for buildings and communities. She publishes technical papers in international journals, presents at national and international conferences, and has been invited to give many talks and lectures.

Dr. Frisque has over 15 years of experience related to analyses and computer simulations for sustainable design. She uses her extensive knowledge in heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics to provide cost-effective sustainable design and unique solutions, helping project teams achieve their sustainability goals. Dr. Frisque’s area of technical expertise includes

  • Passive systems and natural ventilation performance analysis using whole building simulations and CFD,
  • Occupant thermal comfort assessments,
  • Whole building energy simulations,
  • Building energy consumption reduction and feasibility of energy efficiency and sustainability measures,
  • Renewable energy systems and usage of on-site energy sources (i.e. solar, wind, river water cooling),
  • Daylighting design and analysis.