Alison Lindburg

Senior Building Policy Manager | Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Alison Lindburg is the Building Energy Policy Manager at MEEA, where she works to improve energy efficiency in buildings in the Midwest via energy codes and market transformation strategies, including energy benchmarking. Prior to MEEA, Alison was the director of the Buildings Policy Program at the Minnesota non-profit organization Fresh Energy, served on the Board of Directors for the U.S. Green Building Council of Minnesota, and participated in the Technical Advisory Committee of the GreenStar residential remodeling standard. Previously Alison was a program director for Minnesota non-profit Dovetail Partners, working in rural areas to promote sustainability and local economic development through green building demonstration projects, community education and contractor training. Prior to Dovetail, Alison worked for a Twin-Cities urban development firm, where she helped write and implement its green building program.