Alexi Miller

Senior Project Manager | New Buildings Institute

Alexi Miller is a Senior Project Manager at NBI and is NBI’s lead engineer. He brings insight and analysis about cutting-edge technologies and strategies to diverse stakeholders as part of a wide-ranging effort to improve the energy performance of the built environment. Alexi leads several programs and initiatives at NBI including Zero Energy Building Certification, the GridOptimal Initiative, Community Strategic Energy Management and the Getting to Zero Buildings Database. He manages the development of FirstView, NBI’s remote virtual energy audit software tool. Alexi has expertise in topics including zero net energy buildings, codes and policies, building controls, deep energy savings retrofits, and emerging technologies. Prior to joining NBI in 2013, he spent six years at The Cadmus Group. Alexi is a registered Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering, LEED-AP+ accredited (Operations & Maintenance specialty). He is fully fluent in Spanish and conversationally fluent in Portuguese.