Edward Mazria

Founder and CEO | Architecture 2030

Edward Mazria is an internationally-recognized architect, author, educator and visionary with a long and distinguished career. His award-winning architecture and planning projects span over a thirty-five year period and each employs a cutting-edge environmental approach to design. He is the author of numerous published works, including the ‘bible’ of solar design, The Passive Solar Energy Book, which is currently in use worldwide.

Most recently, Mr. Mazria has reshaped the national and international dialogue on climate change to incorporate building design and the ‘Building Sector’. He is the founder of Architecture 2030, an innovative and flexible research organization focused on protecting our global environment. He developed and issued the 2030 Challenge, a measured and achievable strategy to dramatically reduce global GHG emissions and fossil-fuel consumption by the year 2030. He speaks nationally and internationally on the subject of architecture, design, energy and climate change and has taught architecture at several universities including the University of New Mexico, University of Oregon and UCLA. His numerous awards include AIA Design Awards, AIA Design Innovation Award, American Planning Association Award, Department of Energy Awards, “Pioneer Award” from the American Solar Energy Society, first recipient of the Equinox Award presented on the 50th anniversary of construction of the world’s first commercial solar building, and most recently a 2008 National Conservation Achievement Award from the National Wildlife Federation. He is a fellow of the Design Futures Council.