Next Gen 2021 Cohort

Dani Blackard

Missouri University of Science and Technology

I am currently studying Environmental Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology. I aspire to work in Energy Efficiency and plan to pursue a masters degree in public health in an effort to see how the conservation of energy and promotion of clean energy correlate to the health and safety of underserved communities. Outside of school I enjoy volunteering, reading, and outdoor activities.

Dallas Brooks

Howard University

I’m a rising sophomore majoring in architecture at Howard University. I’m from Indianapolis but reside in Cincinnati. I aspire to be a licensed architect and live in a house I designed! Outside of school I like to travel with family, hang out with family pets, cook, and exercise outdoors.

Rebecca Burfitt

Oregon Institute of Technology

I'm studying renewable energy engineering at Oregon Institute of Technology. With my degree, I aspire to develop and implement energy solutions that benefit end users and the environment. I'm particularly interested in green building design. I'm born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and I love exploring the outdoors in my free time!

Anthony Erebor

University of Michigan

Anthony recently graduated from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor where he majored in environmental studies and earth sciences, and is a LEED Green Associate. He has experience working with state and local governments on a range of community projects. Through NSF and the Belmont Forum, he went to Germany for a two-year research on quantifying the effect of green facades on building envelopes. He is currently working at a construction and geotechnical engineering firm. He hopes to bring sustainable solutions to his community through partnerships with an interdisciplinary, diverse team.

Keme Gbemiye-Etta

Purdue University

I am a junior civil engineering student from Washington DC, currently pursuing a concentration in architectural engineering and a minor in sustainable engineering from Purdue University. I am an ambassador for the Purdue College of Engineering and the Purdue Global Engineering Program. Outside of school I enjoy motorsports, running and reading.

Maria Henriquez

City College of New York

I am an Environmental Engineering student at the City College of New York. I grew up in the Dominican Republic, where I was taught to love nature and learned to enjoy spending time in the water from a very young age. Some of the fields I am most interested in are renewable energy and water pollution. My curiosity and inquisitiveness led me to enriching experiences like this program, which incorporate cities' important role in carbon emissions and climate change.

Anuradha Kadam

New Jersey Institute of Technology

I am a fifth-year architecture student at NJIT and I am passionate about the environment and interested in climate change mitigation in the building sector through design and research. I hope a program like Next Gen will give me a better understanding of what a career in building science might look like for me. Outside of school, I enjoy reading and reviewing books, especially young adult fiction, on social media platforms. I also like making art and traveling!

Haley Kalvin-Gold

Pennsylvania College of Technology

I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Building Science and Sustainable Design. My long-term life goals are to use my skills to help develop the world in a responsible, sustainable way and to use my knowledge to educate as many people as I can on smart growth, specifically how to do it and why it’s crucial to us and future generations.

Mari Kubota

Carnegie Mellon University

Mari Kubota is a student at Carnegie Mellon University studying architecture. She has found an interest in environmentally sustainable buildings through various courses at her school and hopes to pursue a career in the field after graduation.

Melissa Lopez

Brown University

I am currently pursuing an Environmental Science degree at Brown University and I hope to pursue a Master's degree in Sustainable Design afterward. I am motivated to use applied research skills to improve sustainability initiatives in urban spaces via their infrastructure. Previously, I have spent time using GIS to help urban planners and designers conduct hydrology analysis to improve green space planning. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, attempting to bake croissants, and exploring new cities.

Ha Nguyen

San Jose State University

I'm currently an undergraduate Environmental Studies student with a concentration in Green Engineering. I'm passionate about sustainable development and renewable energy. Besides school, I enjoy outdoor activities and exploring new places. I also like cooking healthy meals for my family and friends.

Rebecca Nguyen

City College of New York

My name is Rebecca Nguyen and I am pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering for Earth System Science and Environmental Engineering at CUNY City College of New York. My passion for providing sustainability to all has led me to the clean energy sector and I can't wait to explore all that this sector can offer! I hope to one day provide a just energy transition for my fellow New Yorkers. During my free time, I like to dance as well as volunteer for Vietnamese American Cultural Parade Inc.

Carly Oliver

Colorado School of Mines

I am a Junior at Colorado School of Mines studying Energy Engineering and Design. I hope to get involved with renewable energy research after college and eventually work with policymakers in environmental legislation. I am very interested in energy efficiency and clean energy efforts. Beyond school I like to spend my time outside hiking, camping, or paddleboarding!

Riley Renner

University of Cincinnati

I am originally from a small town located in Orrville, Ohio but I will begin my fourth year at the University of Cincinnati studying Architectural Engineering with a certificate in Sustainability this fall. I plan to graduate in 2023 and hope to work in the green building industry designing Net Zero and autonomous buildings.

David Samayoa

University of Regina

I am a 5th year Industrial Systems Engineering Student at the University of Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada). I am passionate about clean energy technologies and plan to pursue Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Engineering so that I can contribute to providing energy efficient and cost effective solutions for building operations. Outside of school I like to spend time outdoors hiking and fishing.

Nakya Stewart

City College of New York

My major is Environmental engineering with a concentration on energy, specifically clean, renewable, efficient and sustainable energy. I aspire to be a part of or develop a clean energy company. Outside of school, I have a job, I work on my clean energy inventions, paint, write short stories, create videos and I’m in Engineers Without Borders club that is currently working on upgrading a building’s HVAC system to be energy efficient.

Sena Sugiono

Yale University

I am a student at Yale College potentially majoring in Environmental Studies focused on Energy and the Environment. I am very passionate about energy, particularly focusing on global access to electricity and a just transition to renewable energy. At Yale, I am the Yale Energy Liaison, President of the Yale Student Energy Association, and I lead the Yale Solar Decathlon team."

Erin Voner

University of Cincinnati

I am a fifth-year architectural engineering student at the University of Cincinnati. I am an officer of UC’s Habitat for Humanity student chapter and am involved in various other organizations around campus. Outside of school, I most enjoy traveling and reading. Throughout this program, I hope to learn more about sustainable energy and sustainable building design practices.

Lia Ward

Northeastern University

I’m currently a rising fourth year at Northeastern University majoring in Health Science and minoring in Environmental Studies. I became interested in energy efficiency and carbon reduction because of their positive ripple effects on both human and planetary health. I was also drawn to the creativity that exists in redesigning and improving the built environment. Overall, I aspire to help make sustainable, healthy built environments the norm instead of a privilege.

Holly Zimmerman

Pennsylvania State University

I am entering my fourth year of study at Penn State University studying architecture. I am very passionate about sustainable design and have been a member of Penn State's Solar Decathlon team for three years, leading the team last year to design a net-zero retrofit for a series of townhouses. After graduation I hope to move to New York City to work for a sustainable architecture firm.