ICC Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Resources

The International Code Council (ICC) has developed resources to assist jurisdictions, builders, manufacturers, and the public with building energy efficiency ranging from support for adoption and implementation of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) to a toolkit for states and communities with advanced energy efficiency and carbon reduction goals. See the full page of resources on the ICC website.

The resources fall into four categories: IECC Adoption, Compliance and Enforcement, Net Zero Energy and Decarbonization, and Resources and Model Policies.

IECC Adoption resources include a benefits map to annual energy cost savings by state with the adoption of the 2018 IECC.









Compliance and Enforcement resources include instructions for getting started with energy code implementation, an overview of common technical challenges and solutions, and offers more comprehensive training and education sources.

Net Zero Energy and Decarbonization resources are still under development but the toolkit currently includes information about workforce development, distributed energy resources, and embodied carbon.

Resources and Model Policies are also currently under development but currently include resources and sample policies for energy code compliance and distributed energy/electric vehicles/electric storage.

The full set of resources is still being developed but you can explore and learn more on the ICC website.