California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) Program Outreach Materials

The newly launched California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) program provides complimentary and comprehensive analysis of different energy efficiency options and offers financial incentives to help offset the cost of implementing energy-saving measures. CEDA replaced the previous Savings by Design program and is available for most project types including commercial, public, industrial, agricultural, and high-rise multifamily. Eligible projects must be new construction or major alterations, in early design phases, located in a PG&E, SCE, SoCalGas, or SDG&E service territory with an eligible rate structure. Learn more on the CEDA website.

We developed a selection of materials including webinars, social media graphics, short videos, fact sheets, and case studies to promote the program. Please help us spread the word about CEDA by sharing the resources below with your networks and on social media.

Social Graphics

The following graphics can be downloaded for easy sharing on social media.

Environmental Impact Building Envelope Comfort & Health
Controls Cost Energy Recovery & Thermal Energy Storage
Grid Integration Heating and Cooling Equipment Resilience

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Want to learn more about the California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) program? Check out the Ask the Expert series, where subject matter experts explain how teams can maximize the value of the CEDA program. Watch the first video feat. Ted Tiffany here:


Energy efficient buildings provide improved comfort and wellbeing for occupants. The CA Energy Design Assistance program offers complimentary technical assistance and financial incentives for projects to pursue a higher level of efficiency. Learn more:


Energy Modeling Done Right: Optimizing Building Energy Outcomes – aired 3/16/22

Energy modeling can be a powerful building design tool, informing decision makers about the best building layouts, mechanical systems, and controls. Unfortunately, too many design teams either forego energy modeling entirely or just use it to check a box for code compliance. Energy modeling done right helps teams make informed decisions that optimize energy efficiency without compromising budgets or performance. The just-launched California Energy Design Assistance program offers complimentary energy modeling for eligible new construction and major renovation projects. Join us to learn how to get the most out of your project energy design to deliver higher performance, better comfort, and increased asset value. This session will focus on public building examples, but energy modeling best practices can be applied to any project.

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New Construction Done Right: Strategies to Improve Efficiency in Buildings – aired 1/26/22

California’s buildings of tomorrow will be deeply energy efficient, smart, and resilient – but designers and builders have a multitude of choices to make in order to achieve success. The just-launched California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) program offers free energy design services and financial incentives for new buildings across the state. Public agencies in California are leading by example with deep energy efficiency in public buildings, which make up about 1 billion square feet of building space in California. In this first webinar, guest speakers will present case studies on public buildings that demonstrate innovative strategies and approaches. Watch the recording to learn how to tap into this new program and make your new building the best it can be.

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“Ask the Expert” Videos

The videos below feature industry experts who joined us for short interviews. The “ask the expert” videos can be easily posted on social media or shared otherwise with your networks.

Energy Modeling
In this “Ask the Expert” video, NBI’s Alexi Miller interviews Ted Tiffany, director of sustainability at Guttmann & Blaevoet Consulting Engineers. Ted shares with us the importance of energy modeling and what he looks for when it comes to all the different types of modeling.

The CEDA Program
In this “Ask the Expert” video, Rich Peske, Energy Project Manager with Willdan, Rich provides insight into what makes this CEDA program different from the previous program. Watch this video to learn more about the program and how it has evolved to better serve and streamline projects.

Carbon & Our Future
In this “Ask the Expert” video, Beth Brummitt, president of Brummitt Consulting, discusses some important questions we should be asking about carbon and our buildings of the future. She also gives us some priorities to keep in mind as we start new construction.