Sub headline here

Hero Headline—a hero can be a color or image

Here is a test page with examples of page components. Hero should be set to "full height" = no. Font is showing white with image and transparent background which could be a problem.

Button Label

Flex Component: Columns. This example has Column Width = One Half, Text Alignment = Left

Content description goes in a box here.

Button Yes

Call to Action: Bright Green, Small, No Button. Case Studies Component appears below.

Building Type: Building type information is entered here.

Component: Case Studies. Building Name Text here

I put in the "Feature Image" and can type the location here.

Building Type: Building Name

Added another Case Study


Call to Action: Background Image, Size Large

Below is the Gallery Component.

Call to Action Dark Blue

Options include: large or small, color or image, button with link.

Button Label

Full Width Content Headline

“Full Width Content” Component

There is an edit bar here. You can also add a second column here.

Pricing Table

Component: Pricing Table. Tier Name goes here.

Tier Lable


includes etc, icon is website


  • website lable
Button Label

Another Tier

Tier Label


Price Details


  • Audio
Button Label

Contact Form Headline

Blurb for Contact Form. It looks like a big space follows this component. This component seems to have some problems.

Phone Number Headline Phone Number link 503...

Component: Contact. Form field

Open Hours Headline

Team / Speakers Headline

Ralph DiNola

CEO | New Buildings Institute
Learn More



Architecture 2030

Component: Divider. Headline goes here.

Text can be entered in a Divider Blurb.

Call to Action, Background Color White, Size is Small, Background Type is Color, Button No

Dark Grey Background Color

Light Grey Background Color

Dark Taupe Background Color

Middle Taupe Background Color

Light Taupe Background Color

Dark Orange Background Color

Bright Orange Background Color

Dark Red Background Color

Bright Red Background Color

Dark Blue Background Color

Light Blue Background Color

Bright Blue Background Color

Dark Green Background Color