Robert Welch

Sustainability Infrastructure Director | Schneider Electric

Robert Welch has responsibility for development and growth of Schneider Electric’s Smart Cities program. Their team creates solutions for cities, developers and alliance partners. This is accomplished through collaborative innovation around strategy, sustainability, livability, resiliency, intelligent infrastructure, and developing unique business models.

Robert leverages the interrelationship between Energy, Water, Transportation, Communications and Security to optimize the delivery of services to all citizens. This optimized infrastructure can make cities, neighborhoods, developments and businesses more efficient, more competitive and more resilient.

His projects have delivered over 2 Gigawatts of low carbon generation including solar PV, solar thermal, biomass, pumped hydro, and nuclear. His corporate experience includes management roles with TVA, Siemens, and IBM.

Educational credentials include BS Degrees in Physics and Psychology from Vanderbilt. His MBA studies were at the University of Tennessee.

Robert is a co-founder of which is dedicated to the creation of NetZero Communities