Poppy Storm

Director of Innovation | 2050 Institute

The 2050 Institute advocates for a paradigm shift in how we reduce energy use and GHG emissions in the Northwest and beyond. The Institute uses a strategic “2050” lens to design frameworks, policies, codes, and programs that interlock at all scales of technology, energy, and climate planning and action, including and across global, regional, state, local, community, and utility platforms. Poppy Storm uses holistic thinking, systems thinking, and design thinking to move beyond rhetoric to identify the deeper system dynamics and analysis necessary to connect policy mechanisms to technologies and actual energy and GHG reductions. She is also the chair of the Code Roadmap task force for Shift Zero, a zero net-carbon building alliance in Washington State. Poppy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in international studies and foreign policy design; a Master’s Degree in Whole Systems Design with an emphasis on social change, sustainable cities, and clean energy; and a Graduate Certificate in Business Leadership and Change Management.