Peter Vierthaler

Manager | Northwest Partners LLC

Peter Vierthaler has been involved in multifamily real estate for 25 years. Peter has long provided turnkey services, for the acquisition and repositioning of multifamily properties, for both himself and the partnerships that he has worked for or been involved in. Peter’s bachelor’s degree in Construction Management gives him the unique ability to undertake complicated projects with a high degree of confidence resulting in a successful outcome. Throughout the years, Peter has had an eye toward resource and energy conservation in his projects. This conservation not only improves the bottom line, but helps to reduce the usage of scarce resources and lessen the impact on climate change. Peter is an active investor in many clean technology companies and is a member of Element8, a clean technology and sustainability angel investor group. He has assisted many companies in this space with their “go to market” strategies. Currently, Peter is combining his experience to help building owners take advantage of the coming together of clean and sustainable technologies in the multifamily industry.