Matt Roberts

Postdoctoral Scholar | UC Berkeley

Matt Roberts has recently joined the Centre for the Built Environment (CBE) at UC Berkeley as a Postdoctoral Scholar with a focus on life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology and embodied carbon in the built environment. I have joined CBE after completing a PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Bath, United Kingdom. My PhD research focused on how life cycle assessment should be used to support the decarbonisation of the built environment. Research included looking into methodological issues related to applying LCA to the built environment. Additionally, I conducted detailed LCAs of prominent impact reduction strategies, including on-site energy storage, on-site energy generation, design-for-disassembly, and volumetric modular construction. Alongside my PhD research, I’ve assisted in conducting LCAs of novel bio-based building materials intended for use in circular economy applications as part of the Interreg 2Seas funded Circular Bio-based Construction Industry project.