Jim Kumon

Principal | Heirloom Properties

Jim Kumon is a developer, builder, urban designer and sustainability consultant based in Minneapolis who is a national expert on the implementation of all electric, net zero housing, particularly in 1-3 story multi-family buildings between 2-20 units. His real estate company, Heirloom Properties, developed and owns the Sundial Building, a 12 unit walk up unit building pursuing the Living Building Challenge Zero Energy certification, one of only 5 projects in Minnesota doing so. Kumon is a consultant to the City of St. Paul, City of Kalamazoo and City of South Bend, providing technical assistance to small developers and program support to city planning, housing, and economic development/inclusion department projects and infusing sustainability considerations in all areas of work.

Jim is a Certified Passive House Builder and Chapter Treasurer of the Minnesota Passive House Alliance. He is the previous co-founder and executive of the Incremental Development Alliance and former Executive Director of Strong Towns, both non profits influencing and/or providing technical assistance to cities, foundations and nonprofits to pursue better outcomes for our communities and their built environments. Jim is a graduate of the architecture program at the University of Michigan.