Jeffrey Zeman

Principal | TrueNorth Collective

Jeff Zeman is an accomplished Sustainable Design Engineer and Strategist who partners with leaders in product and process development to achieve authentic, brand-supporting outcomes without compromise.  After spending over two decades developing and deploying sustainability strategy in manufacturing operations and product development for a multibillion-dollar global brand, Jeff knows what it takes to truly embed a design culture that expects results benefitting people, planet, and profit.  It is through empowering and inspiring others to utilize a sustainability lens- supercharging the innovation engine- that sustainability becomes a normal part of what an organization delivers.  It doesn’t start with marketing and storytelling, but a creative and data- supported sustainable design competence that writes the story as something truly better happens.

Jeff has built global, multidisciplinary teams, led professional practice and industry groups in the advancement of data-supported sustainability methods and advised universities in development of curricula to train the next generation of sustainability professionals.  Jeff is a married father of two that enjoys coaching youth sports, building useful things, and being out-of-doors as much as possible.

Jeff holds a BA in environmental engineering from Michigan Technological University and MBA from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.