Faith Graham

Managing Director | NEWHAB

Faith has facilitated commercial real estate and sustainability projects, including renewable energy and conservation measures, with a particular emphasis on complex acquisitions, joint venture and finance transactions for two decades. She is currently bringing that expertise to her role as managing director of the Network for Energy Water and Health in Affordable Buildings (NEWHAB).  NEWHAB is a social impact and learning network for members across the United States engaged in ensuring affordable, healthy, sustainable housing for all.   Prior to NEWHAB, Faith was managing director at MPower Oregon, an efficiency implementation and finance business serving affordable multifamily properties throughout Oregon.  Faith has also served as Director of Policy and General Counsel at Clean Energy Works Oregon, Inc. (CEWO), and was a partner at two Northwest law firms, Roberts Kaplan and Foster Pepper, and an associate at Goulston & Storrs in Boston, Massachusetts. Faith is active in her community and on the weekends you might spot her wandering in the forest or hiking in the mountains.