Darin Vey

Energy/Utilities Program Supervisor | San Diego Unified School District

Mr. Vey is currently the Energy/Utilities Program Supervisor at San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) consisting of over 200 sites. SDUSD is the eighth largest school district in the nation and second largest in California. Mr. Vey leads a team of Energy/Utilities Coordinators, Energy Management & Recycling Specialists. This team coordinate’s demand side management, utility budget forecasting, implementing conservation projects, Zero Net Energy (ZNE) and solar programs. This team plans and implements energy saving projects funded by the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop 39). Currently SDUSD manages 37 solar sites with 20 additional solar sites to be installed in 2017-2018.

With over 20 years’ management experience in the energy and utilities industry, Mr. Vey held the position of Energy Conservation Manager at Carlsbad Unified and Fallbrook Union High School Districts. He managed positions in the energy, utility metering and multifamily billing industry in the private sector for over 13 years. Mr. Vey was the Client Services VP at Wellspring Wireless Utilities in 2000 and was Director of Portfolio Management at Ista Energy Services in 2005.

Mr. Vey is past President and Chairman of the Board for the Energy Joint Power Authority (EJPA) through the San Diego Office of Education. He is on the technical Advisory Committee for the ZNE EPIC planning grant funded by the California Energy Commission. He holds technical degree in computers & electronics technology from Seattle College and is Six Sigma certified.