Celia King-Scott

Senior Engineer | DNV GL

Celia King-Scott is a Senior Engineer (PE, LEED AP, BEMP) with DNV GL’s Sustainable Buildings and Communities group. Her current role as a senior engineer involves being part of the development and implementation team for the Consumers Energy Zero Net Energy Pilot Program. Celia has developed whole building energy performance, detailed thermal comfort analysis, daylighting modeling and computational fluid dynamic modeling on residential and commercial projects to inform design decisions on Zero Net Energy and high performing buildings and communities. Celia has presented on high performance design and zero net energy design subject matter for architects and engineers design community, utility clients and trade allies across the country. She has worked on the Consumers Energy program for 7 years providing energy modeling training and technical support. She continues to provide energy modeling training, technical support and review of whole building design incentive applications for utility programs across the United States.